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Unlike Ayutthaya, where the ancient and modern worlds merge right in the city centre, Sukhothai Historical Park is located about 12km from the ‘new’ city. Hiring a tuk-tuk (motorised three-wheelers) or hopping on a songtaew (passenger-carrying trucks) is the best way to commute between the two sites. The songtaews leave from Jarot Withithong Road, near the Yom River, at 06:30-18:00 every day. Once you arrive at the Sukhothai Historical Park (old city), rent a bicycle or motorcycle from one of the many rental stalls.

Sukhothai Historical Park has a simple layout. The original city is contained inside a square area, with Wat Phra Pai Luang at its epicentre. Later during King Ram Khamhaeng the Great’s reign (1279-1298), the king relocated the city slightly to the south, to what is today the majority of the historical park. This new site is a large, rectangular area surrounded by the city walls and a moat with Wat Mahathat at its epicentre. You will find all major historical sites inside these two ancient cities.

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A UNESCO World Heritage City, Sukhothai was the first capital of Siam and the cradle of Thai civilisation – the Read More...

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