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Why should you take Antioxidants ?

As we get older, the incidence of heart disease, cataracts, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and some cancers, all increase sharply.

Controlled medical studies of people suffering from or at risk of each of these age-related illnesses have shown substantial, measurable benefits from supplementation with antioxidants.

There is compelling scientific evidence that the right antioxidant supplements will significantly reduce the risk of the debilitating illnesses of old age.

In my lab, we have discovered synergetic relationships between certain natural antioxidants. Some of them, vitamins C and E, will be well-known to you. But less familiar antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and Tocotrienols are vital.

These antioxidants interact in a network to recycle and regenerate each other and to counteract the age associated decline in gene functions which can leave us vulnerable to infection and disease.

Antioxidant cocktails are markedly more effective than single antioxidants.

To design Network AntiOxidants I have drawn on the best of our work in my laboratory and what has been learnt in clinical trials. They will help conserve your natural defenses against the chronic conditions which can erode the quality your later life.

The choices you make about diet, smoking, exercise and antioxidant supplementation, will substantially influence how long, and how well you live.

Claim the bonus years you can earn by making good choices now !
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Dr. Lester Packer. June 12 1999

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Dr. Lester Packer, is the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist.

He is a senior scientist at the prestigious Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Head of the Packer Lab at the University of California, where he has been a professor for 35 years.

The Packer Lab’s discovery of the antioxidant network has major implications for the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, and brain disorders such as stroke or Alzheimers. Dr. Packer has published over 700 scientific papers and 70 books on every aspect of antioxidants and health.

When Scientific American needed a widely recognized authority to write an article on vitamin E for their inaugural Scientific American Science and Medicine issue, they chose Dr. Packer. Recently he has been interviewed by Time, Newsweek , The New York Times, and ABC News.

Dr. Packer has an unmatched scientific record on antioxidants, now considered key components in achieving healthy aging and extending human life.

  • One box of Network Antioxidants contains 120 softgel capsules - a full month's supply.
  • It replaces 11 bottles of individual antioxidants and is less than half the cost of the components purchased separately.
  • Simply take two tablets twice a day instead of juggling 14 tablets from 11 different bottles.

Network Antioxidants are a natural, high potentcy supplement, based on the advanced scientific and medical research reviewed on this website.

Network Antioxidants are formulated under the personal direction of Dr. Packer, and are the state of the art in antioxidant protection.

Take the first step towards a long, vital, healthy life. Today!

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