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Frequently Asked Questions:
About using Network Antioxidants
About ordering Network Antioxidants

Q: Why do I need to take these pills 30 minutes before a meal?

A: Lipid-soluble antioxidants such as tocopherols, tocotrienols, alpha-lipoic and CoQ10 are absorbed best when taken about half an hour before a meal. There are also suggestions that antioxidant consumption just prior to a meal may also improve serum lipid responses.


Q: Can I take antioxidants as well as the drugs my doctor has prescribed?

A: If you are taking drugs, check with your doctor before you take antioxidants. Vitamin E is an anti-coagulant and if you are take anti-coagulant drugs such as Warfarin, they may interact. The merits of antioxidant supplementation for children or during pregnancy have not been studied. Please consult your doctor.


Q: Are antioxidants safe?

A: Natural antioxidants have an unblemished safety record in supervised trials. The components of Network Antioxidants all occur naturally in foods which have a long history of human consumption. In the dosage I recommend, these products are safe.


Q: What are the limits to life extension using antioxidants?

A: There is strong clinical evidence that antioxidants will reduce the incidence of the degenerative conditions associated with aging. People taking antioxidant supplements are likely to enjoy a longer, healthier old age, and consequent modest gains in average life expectancy could be anticipated, but there is no scientific evidence that antioxidants will extend the maximum human life span of 120 years.


Q: How did you know which antioxidants to put into your formulation?

A: With Electron Spin Resonance we see which natural antioxidants participate in these recycling networks. With a powerful new technology, DNA micro-arrays, known as DNA CHIPS, we can directly measure changes gene expression and detect genetic differences. The core components in the formulation identified in this way include tocopherols, tocotrienols, alpha-lipoic, vitamin C and CoQ10. Other elements  are included either because they boost the performance of the core Network Antioxidants, or have proven therapeutic significance in their own right. For example, folic acid and vitamin B6 protect against homocysteinemia, an established risk factor for heart disease, and selenium at this dose has shown preventative value against cancer in a large well conducted studies.

The optimal amounts have been determined by analyzing the results of clinical trials in humans.


Q I am confused about the units for Vitamin E. In the book you quote 500 mgs/day and on the box 500 IU/day are they the same?

When the book went to press we were unaware that FDA regulations require supplement labels to use IU s for Vitamin E. and weight units for the other ingredients. This formulation of mixed natural Vitamin E s has an activity of 1 IU per milligram.So in this case, the numbers are the same for both unit systems. We apologize for adding to the confusion.


Q: What is the scientific basis of your assertion that antioxidants influence gene expression?

A: Studies in our laboratory and others throughout the world have documented that combinations of antioxidants modulate gene expression. Some of these studies have shown that antioxidants can, in substantial part, reverse the decline in gene activation thresholds that occurs in aging cells. Similarly, there is strong evidence that the rate of accumulation of oxidative damage to DNA in humans is reduced by antioxidant supplementation.


Q: How do I re-order? Do I have to go to the Web site or send a fax every month? Is there a form? Do I need to call you each month?

A: A continuity order form is included with every customer’s first order. If you fill in this form, and mail or fax or mail it back to us, we will ship product to you every month. Regular customers who place continuity orders will receive two free shipments every year. A continuity order can be cancelled at any time.


Q: How long will it take to fill re-orders?

A: Usually product is shipped on the business day after the order is received. Please allow at least 7 days for delivery by post.


Q: In the book the AM supplement is different than the PM supplement, yet you sell just one formula?

A: Network Antioxidants are formulated exactly as is recommended by Dr. Packer in the book – ‘The Antioxidant Miracle’. The recommended dosages are distributed evenly in all softgels. The difference in the AM and PM supplements described in the book reflects the "best fit" that could be obtained with the products then available.


Q: Do you have the Antioxidant formula in liquid form?

A: To ensure stability and optimize bioavailability, Network Antioxidants are available only in softgels.


Q: Are any antioxidant cremes to be available?

A: We have an antioxidant skin crème in clinical trials. Subject to the success of these trials and regulatory approvals, we will release an antioxidant skin crème next year.


Q: When will the add on supplements be available?

A: For those with special needs, we will offer the antioxidant formulations recommended on pages 190 to 194 of The Antioxidant Miracle. These booster packs will be made available progressively over the coming months. These products are to be taken in addition to Network Antioxidants. Advice of their release will be posted on the Web site at and notice will be included in the package of Network Antioxidants.


Q: Can I buy Network Antioxidants packaged as loose pills in a bottle? I find the softgels difficult to push out of the blister packs?

A: Network Antioxidants are packaged in blister packs to ensure that they remain fresh and stable during distribution. Because they encapsulate a suspension of lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants, they would tend to clump together and deteriorate if they were not packed and sealed individually. However, in response to feedback from customers, we have changed the method of sealing the blister packs which will make it much easier to push the softgels through the backing.


Q: Can I trust the Internet with my credit card number?

A: Your credit card number and postal information is encrypted at your browser before it is sent across the Internet to our secure server. The data is processed behind secure file walls and is not accessible through the Internet.

If you prefer, you can order by phone to 877 ANTIOXI, or use the Instant Call buttons on the Website. That way, your credit card information is never exposed to the Internet.


Q: What will you do with my e-mail address? I don’t want to be inundated with unsolicited e-mail !

A: We guarantee that we will not pass your e-mail address or postal information to any third party.


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