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In his first book for a general audience Professor Packer, draws on the latest breakthroughs in molecular biology and antioxidant research, The Antioxidant Miracle explains for the first time exactly how readers can take advantage of the antioxidants to design a practical, personalized program to protect against heart disease and cancer, and to slow the aging process.

Lipoic Acid in Health and Disease by Jurgen Fuchs (Editor), Lester Packer (Editor), Guido Zimmer (Editor)

Antioxidant Food Supplements in Human Health by Lester (Editor), Midori Hiramatsu (Editor), Toshikazu Yoshikawa
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Flavonoids in Health and Disease by Catherine A. Rice-Evans (Editor), Lester Packer (Editor)



Understanding the Process of Aging : The Roles of Mitochondria, Free Radicals, and Antioxidants (Antioxidants in Health and Disease, 8) by Enrique Cadenas (Editor), Lester Packer (Editor)

Vitamin E in Health and Disease by Lester Packer (Editor), Jurgen Fuchs (Editor)
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