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Chokchai Steak House


If you love American-style barbecue ribs or steaks, Chokchai Steak House is the place to go. The Chokchai ranch has made cattle farming its specialty since opening its doors in 1957, and serving up mouthwatering steaks is naturally what it does best. It all starts with good quality cattle, then fine cuts grilled to a succulent perfection.

The 600-seat steakhouse offers a wide selection of beef as well as pork and chicken cutlets, cooked in an original American country style or Thai style with ‘jaew’ sauce (ground chilli in fish sauce). Grab a seat from the main dining area or, for a quick lunch, at the gourmet burger bar out front. And don’t worry about the extra calories, as you will most likely burn them off while touring the ranch afterwards.

  • Location: Mitrapab Road, Pakchong
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Krua Rim Kuen


While there’s not much to the interior décor here, a gorgeous view of Lam Phra Ploeng Reservoir more than makes up for it. This open-air restaurant serves up tasty Thai dishes fashioned from locally sourced ingredients, such as freshwater fish from the reservoir and Wang Nam Kheo’s organically grown vegetables. Try the juicy ham with salad – quite an unusual dish to find at a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, but it sure will be the very dish that keeps you thinking about this place.

  • Location: Opposite Lam Phra Ploeng Dam, on Khao Pang Ma-Khao Yai route
  • Price Range: Affordable

Krua Ton Sai


Don’t be deceived by its ramshackle appearance, this open-sided restaurant serves mouthwatering Thai fare whipped up from fresh, farm-grown vegetables and locally sourced fish. Recommended dishes include stir-fried mushrooms, herb-infused roasted chicken, termite mushroom tom yam and all fish-related dishes.

  • Location: Thai Samakkee Road, inside Tub Lan National Park
  • Price Range: Affordable
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Lex’s Restaurant


Some say that this low-key American style steakhouse whips up the tastiest steaks in all of Khao Yai. The owner, Mr. Lex, pours more than 30 years of cooking experience (while living in the USA) into his steaks, and he is enthusiastic about educating diners how to properly enjoy his steaks the American way – supersized portions, one dish per diner only and absolutely no sharing. Besides steaks, Lex’s features a host of other dishes, from salmon steak in white sauce to pork chops, grilled chicken in Italian red sauce, pastas, cream soups and deep-fried chicken drumsticks.

  • Location: On highway 2 (Sarabusi-Pakchong), between km. 140 and Muak Lek
  • Price Range: Pricey
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Salad Dai Grilled Fish


Housed under a lovely adobe-coloured building, this popular establishment has garnered quite a reputation for its perfectly grilled snakehead fish with spicy dipping sauce – the restaurant’s signature menu. If you don’t like it grilled, try other variations, including spicy snakehead fish salad or soup, or order something completely non-snakehead related but equally mouthwatering like mushroom salad and pork steak with jaew sauce (ground chili in fish sauce). If you visit Wang Nam Kheo, this is one place to include in your itinerary.

  • Location: On highway 304, about 5.5km from Wang Nam Kheo’s main district office
  • Price Range: Affordable
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The Great Hornbill Grill (PB Valley)


Step inside and you are immediately transported to a picturesque Tuscan village. Set amidst a vast vineyard, this wine-and-dine concept restaurant serves an extensive menu of western and Thai dishes. Try the New York-style grilled rib-eye steak, Italian thin crust pizzas baked inside a wood-fired oven, or rainbow trout in almond butter sauce, and finish off your meal with wine-infused ice cream. Oh, and don’t forget to complement your lunch or dinner with a bottle of wine from the cellar.

  • Location: Pansuk-Kudkla Road (inside PB Valley)
  • Price Range: Pricey
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The Village Restaurant


Part of Village Farm Winery, this western country-style restaurant is another reason why you might consider dropping by this picturesque vineyard. Headed by a professional chef with a honed expertise in traditional cooking techniques, The Village serves a delightful range of Thai and western dishes prepared in both contemporary and original styles. Pair your meal with a bottle of Chateau de Brumes vintage red or white and simply savour the experience.

  • Location: Wang Nam Kheo, inside Village Farm Winery (just off Highway 304)
  • Price Range: Pricey
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VinCotto (GranMonte)


Dine – and wine – amidst a vast expanse of lush grape hills and valleys. Set on a landscaped hill and lake that runs through GranMonte’s picturesque vineyard, VinCotto whips up sophisticated dishes fashioned from meat, vegetables and various concoctions of farm-fresh grapes. Enjoy your prawn and fresh grape salad, slow-cooked short ribs in red wine (the restaurant’s signature dish), or crab au gratin with a vintage from GranMonte’s wine cellar. Seating is very limited; advanced booking is a must.

  • Location: Pansuk-Kudkla Road
  • Price Range: Pricey
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