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 A Treat from India at Baluchi Restaurant

India is famous throughout the world for a complex, savory cuisine packed with flavor. Indian foods are not easy to cook and require a highly trained chef with specialized equipment. Sadly, many Indian restaurants leave diners disappointed but the Baluchi at the Horizon Beach Resort Hotel definitely exceeds all expectations.

General Manager Umesh Shrivaastava insures that the food served at the restaurant is authentic and representative of the best India has to offer. Spices, of course, play an enormously important role in Indian cooking, and the Baluchi imports all of its spices from India even though they are very expensive.

Mr. Shrivaastava is also adamant about having a chef from India in the kitchen who understands the exotic recipes and combinations of flavors. He also imported tandoor ovens, an essential item for creating wonderful Indian breads as well as main courses.

Traditional Indian specialities as tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, fish tikka, and tandoori prawns are cooked in the tandoor ovens which keeps the cuisine moist and delicately spiced. It is easy to overcook food in atandoor, but experience keeps this from happening at the Baluchi. The fish is especially good and reason enough for making a trip to the restaurant.

The murgh makhanwala, a rich chicken curry flavored with onion, butter and green chilies, is a specialty. And the Rogan Josh Kashmiri is guaranteed to remind diners how delightful properly cooked mutton can really be.

Lentils simmered in cream, okra (lady fingers) cooked with Indian spices, and green peas pulao are the featured vegetables. They were all delicately spiced and not overcooked. Then, there are the various breads to eat with each dish. The tandoori roti is served piping hot and a delight to tear into small pieces and wrap around a piece chicken tikka or a tandoori prawn. The paratha lacheddar, a layered whole wheat bread is equally delicious.

The dessert, phimi, like all Indian sweets, is outrageously rich and satisfying. Made from reduced milk and flavored with saffron and dried fruits, it provides a fitting end to a wonderful dining experience.

Umeshi Shrivaastava and the Horizon Beach Resort Hotel have given Phuket something it needs: an authentic Indian restaurant serving the best of one of world's most delicious cuisines. If you want a memorable dining experience, head for the Baluchi in Patong Beach

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