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 Explore Phuket Town by Night


It's a great time find bargains as consumer goods are often 20 to 50 per cent cheaper at night when sold on the streets. There are various night markets around Phuket Town. The best way to find them all is to hire a tuk tuk or taxi driver who can show you around.

The weekend market now stretches into the week. It's located on a side street off Phang Nga Road just a short distance from the Royal Phuket City Hotel. This market was started after the 1997 economic crash when local rich merchants were forced to sell their Mercedes car and expensive jewelry to the highest bidder.

This market evolved into a "car boot" sale where those needing a little cash would spread their valuables on the ground for sale.

Popular items include handcrafted leather boots, ceramics, carvings, clothing, and music. Most recently, the success of this market has spread and now vendors with merchandise to sell from around Thailand arrive to Phuket for the island's weekend market.

Ever wondered where your hotel or resort gets their fresh produce? The chef sends cooks and their helpers to the fresh market every night around 03.00 to 05.00 hrs to find the best local vegetables and fruits.


The market operates at these hours because it is cool and the produce doesn't wilt or become damaged in the heat. It's always great to stroll around the fresh market. The vendors are friendly when not trying to sleep while selling out of the back of their pick up trucks.

Finally, after the clubs close, most Phuket residents head to town to eat at one of the many food stalls located behind Robinson's Department Store. This is the new fresh market that was built by the city.

Local residents decided they didn't want to move in as they prepared the old fresh market so the new fresh market was left for food vendors to sell their tasty noodles, soups, and foods from different regions around Thailand.

It's very informal with plastic chairs and rickety metal tables set up in the streets. There's nightclubs like Gitano Music Café and the Candy Pub nearby so there's always time to explore.

A long night can turn into an early morning while enjoying the open markets of Phuket Town. Before heading back to the comfort of your resort, try a cup of freshly brewed coffee and sweet roti offered at any of the Muslim coffee stands.

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