Phuket shopping, Thai silk, ceramics, jewelry, pearls and batik
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Phuket shopping: Thai Silk, Ceramics, Jewelry, Pearls and Batik

 Phuket Shopping, Thai Silk, Ceramics, Jewelry, Pearls and Batik

It's the end of a century and even more important, the end of a thousand years ! It's time to celebrate and Thailand is not only the Land of Smiles but the Land of Shopping. From the latest designer wear at a fraction of the price to authentic silk, cotton and handcrafted ceramics and wood carvings, there's no better time to shop for special gifts for friends of family who couldn't share in a Millennium holiday to Thailand. Benjarong recommends you consider the following choices for the perfect gift.


Thai Silk

Particularly good buys are used sarongs with intricate mudmee or ikat patterns, woven style preserved by projects supported by Queen Sirikit.

Most tailor shops have a selection of Thai silk in bright, lively colors or sharp, dynamic plaid or floral patterns. Thai silk is graded by different plies. One ply is good for a shirt or light dress while two ply is used for suits. Four ply Thai silk is perfect for pillow coverings or curtains.

Tailored Clothes

Any visitor to Phuket will notice the numerous tailor shops on the island. But how does one choose which shop to have a special suit or dress designed or made? At Mr. Singh's Fashion Gallery in Patong, customers can select from an international selection of materials; from British cashmeres to Italian woolens to cool cottons to lustrous silks. The tailors are experts at helping a client choose a suit or dress design that is both comfortable and fashionable. A wide selection of catalogue books from the Italian fashion houses act as a guide for what to order.



Colorful batik banners float in the wind at Phuket International Airport. These bright handicrafts are an original art of Phuket. Phuket batik is a great gift for family members who will always remember a visit to Phuket just by looking at the flowers, fish or birds that brightly decorate a skirt, shirt or wall hanging.

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While Japan has traditionally been the Asian center for the cultured pearl industry, Phuket has, in the past couple decades, become the preferred site in Southeast Asia for pearl cultivation. Each year, hundreds of these precious items are sent around the world as a valuable export item as the quality and lustre are in high demand. Most of the larger jewelers, such as P & C Jewelry in Patong, carry an exclusive line of pearls, at a fraction of the price charged in Europe or even Japan. Careful buyers can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes.

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Fine Jewelry

Thailand is a great place to buy gems and jewelry. The approximate price for most gems is set by international standards but certain stones such as sapphires and rubies are mined in Thailand. Jewelers from around the world send precious gems to be put into custom settings here as the quality of the workmanship and the price can not be equaled elsewhere.

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Boathouse Cookbook

Due to popular demand, Khun Thamanoon Punchun, Executive Chef at The Boathouse wine and Grill, he has collected his favorite traditional Thai recipes into one book for his guests to take home and cook for themselves. The Boathouse Cookbook includes fragrant salads, spicy soups, curries, noodles and a sampling of desserts. Each recipe has easy-to-follow instructions with photos on how to prepare the cuisine that has made the Boathouse famous.

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Ceramics of Phuket

Ceramics of Phuket was started by two sisters who became fascinated with the magic of glaze and design. Their factory supplies many of the better hotels on the island with specialty custom ceramics for the dining room. Their ceramics capture the deep greens and blues of the surrounding marine environment. The studio is constantly expanding, creating new patterns of dining ware, custom tiles and most recently, ceramic murals of Thai cultural legends.

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Blue witch Handicrafts

Blue Witch Handicrafts offers special lanterns made from saa or Rice paper and a batik type process is used to create patterns and lively colors which fade into one another. Other interesting presents are the one-of-a-kind coffee mugs which are made in various animal forms and handicrafts from hilltribe weavers in the northern mountains.

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Banyan Tree Galleries

The Banyan Tree Galleries at each of the Laguna Phuket resorts feature a world of beautiful items including ceramics made on Phuket, silk and cotton textiles from all regions of the country, the Banyan Tree product line of massage, aromatic oils and incense, and objets d'art as sandstone Khmer figures and elephants, in many sizes, made from either wood, stone or metal.

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Thai Antiques

Phuket has become an international showcase for rare religious images and unusual furniture from around Southeast Asia. The best collection of antiques and handicrafts can be found at Thai Style Antiques on the Airport Road.
Thai Style Antiques is a treasure house of exotic items for the discerning buyer. 

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