Phuket restaurants: Japanese dining at the Ariake, Le Meridien
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Le Meridien Phuket

Ariake, Le Meridien Phuket
 Executive Chef Manee Emamorn at the Ariake

Almost hidden in a corner at Le Meridien Phuket is a treasure of Japanese culture, the Ariake restaurant where each night Chef Manee Emamorn presides over the tempura and teppanyaki table.

"We have copied an authentic Japanese restaurant with three stations. The first is for sushi and sashimi. Our Japanese guests can experience their cuisine using local fresh fish from the surrounding Andaman Sea. The second station is the quick fry teppanyaki table where I prepare traditional delights as squid, salmon, snapper, beef, chicken, prawn and pork when the guest orders. The third station is for the delicious soups such as miso and kitsune udon which I prepare each day.

Chef Manee was born in Saraburi Province and while a young teenager his family sent him to Bangkok to apprentice in the Kobe Steak House in Siam Square. He quickly learned the art of preparing the cuisine that satisfied the numerous Japanese businessmen that he served.

"Actually, I never learned to cook Thai food as I have spent twenty years perfecting the tastes of Japanese flavors which are very light" comments Chef Manee. "The quick fry of fresh foods keeps the cuisine very healthy yet very simple."

He developed such a renown reputation in the kitchen that when the Japanese ambassador to Nepal was appointed, he recruited Chef Manee to work in the embassy in Kathmandu for over two years.


"When I needed to find a chef for the Ariake, I put the word out to recruiters who instantly told me that Chef Manee was the best in the country," confides Executive Chef Antoine Rodriquez, who directs the operations in Le Meridien Phuket's kitchens.

The Ariake is designed like a garden in the night with a walkway that meanders around the seating. Two enclosed tatami rooms give privacy of small groups of up to ten people.

"We've opened the Ariake two nights a week with a delicious buffet of sushis, salads, soups, bbq teppanyaki and desserts such as kakigori, crushed ice with various syrups," explains Chef Manee. "This buffet allows someone not familiar with Japanese food to enjoy the variety and subtlety of a range of sushis as our recommended seafood tamaki where I combine shrimp, crab, crab eggs and imported seaweed into an irresistible combination."

No Japanese dinner is complete without traditional sake. This has been Japan's national drink for over a thousand years closely linked with the religious and social life of the people. Sake is made from fermented rice and is colorless with a fairly sweet flavor and a bitter aftertaste. At the Ariake, it is kept at the correct temperature by a special heater imported from Japan.

Guests to Ariake will be charmed by the servers who wear traditional Japanese kimono which gives an air of authenticity to the room.

"I have worked in the top Japanese restaurants in Thailand and I think the cuisine and service at Ariake competes with the best" states Chef Manee. "I invite you to try our special buffet on Wednesday and Saturday. You won't find a better Japanese experience on Phuket.

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