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Phuket Property: Allamanda Vacation Club

 A Leisurely Investment

Virtually all our lives are spent investing. Time and money is invested into education. Time, money and education are investments into professional success.

Upon reaching professional goals, we re-invest money for our families and future, acquiring possessions and skills and by spending quality leisure time with our loved ones. Families, couples and single travellers spend enormous amounts of money to enjoy a few weeks of sunny, tropical rest and relaxation each year. As global inflation sees marked price rises in the tourism industry, increasingly people are realizing the value of vacation club membership.

Being a member of a vacation club, or'time-share scheme, as it was previously known, ensures that hotel accommodation in twenty-five years' time, will cost the same as it does today. Investors are actually buying time in a luxury, 5-star resort to spend with their families for a period of twenty-five or fifty years, time-locking future vacation costs at today's rates. For example, many people come to Thailand for their annual holidays staying one or two weeks and happily pay US $250 a night in a luxury hotel. A few thousand dollars on preferable lodgings is not much perhaps for one or two years, but over ten years, based on a modest 3% inflation rate, this figure swells to US$21,666. Over twenty-five years it jumps to US$68,910 and over fifty years one may spend around US$213,191, solely on hotel rooms. The sums are staggering and shed an attractive light on the value of vacation club membership, not only to save money but as an investment into a higher quality of life.

The Allamanda Vacation Club, part of the Laguna Phuket family of resorts, permits members to own their vacation time in one of four luxury room types based on a points system that allows great flexibility. Investors buy time in a selected size of accommodation; a studio, one or two bedroom suite or a duplex. In purchasing this time, members are allotted a sum of points subsequent to the size of their investment. Unlike the old days of time-sharing when clients were locked into set time periods and size of lodgings, Allamanda Vacation Club members can, for every visit, tailor their holiday by choosing the length of stay, date of arrival and size of accommodation, all based on how many points they own. Points may be saved or borrowed from the future to up-grade room categories or to extend the length of stay. Time may even be donated to family, friends or strategically important clients.

Part of the strength of the Allamanda Vacation Club offer is in the size of the suites and villas available. A senior spokesman for AVC asserts that, "in the hotel industry, space is money and the AVC accommodations offer more space for less money. When people go on holiday, they want space for themselves and their children. AVC rooms are all very spacious and so, perfect for Thailand's tropical climate where we get heavy rains. When it rains, AVC member families can all relax in the comfort of their large rooms." All the rooms have full kitchen facilities, including basic appliances, cutlery, plates and glassware, as well as the regular 5-star hotel services immediately available.

Being part of Laguna Phuket adds enormous appeal to the AVC society. While the accommodations are dispersed throughout the Allamanda Laguna Phuket and the Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket, members are entitled to a gold privilege card, which allows unlimited access to the multitude of hotel facilities throughout the entire Laguna Phuket complex. This is no small token for Asia's first fully integrated resort boasts five spas, an 18-hole, world class golf course, 26 excellent restaurants, over 50 retail shopping outlets and an impressive list of sport and leisure amenities.

To sweeten the package even more, membership points can be exchanged with the AVC's newest addition, the Angsana Resort & Spa, located off the coast of Singapore on the island of Bintan. Bintan is laden with natural beauty that is reminiscent of Phuket 20 years ago. The lush Balinese-style resort hemmed by white sandy beaches and rugged coastline provides the perfect reprieve from a hectic lifestyle. (See also Bali Hotels )

Avid adventure seekers may wish to explore a new country with each vacation through an RCI exchange which literally opens up a world of possibilities with 3,800 resorts and hotels in 100 countries. This vast range of holiday options combined with the cost savings and flexibility of the AVC's points system spells a lifetime of personally perfected vacations.

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Collins have been proud AVC members since 1999 and return each year to Laguna Phuket pronouncing that, "being at Laguna Phuket is like coming home, you know what to expect." The Collins have visited Phuket seven times since purchasing 12 weeks annually, almost four years ago. "We like the integrated resort concept and the flexibility of being able to make RCI exchanges worldwide by utilizing our points for any size accommodation. When we joined AVC, purchasing a two-bedroom villa was a must, to share our vacation experiences with our daughters, grandchildren and other family members." The Collins will journey to Spain this year and host family and friends in a beautiful Spanish villa. They are a prime example of how vacation club membership may be used to make the most of the retired years.

The Allamanda Vacation Club casts aside all old-school time-share restrictions and offers an investment opportunity too attractive to ignore. The flexibility of the vacation club means that as members move through life, the needs of their vacations can be adjusted to suit their varying circumstances. Recent trends in what is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry depict that younger couples are rapidly gaining interest in this venture in order to guarantee a lifetime of memorable vacations initially as newlyweds, then as parents and grandparents.

To learn more about how membership can be tailored for you, meet with a sales representative at
The Allamanda Vacation Club, Canal Village, Laguna Phuket.
Tel: +66(0)76 270 941,
Fax: +66(0)76 270 946,



- October Issue, 2002

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