Phuket Simon Cabaret, transvestite and ladyboys show on Patong Beach
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 Simon Cabaret Transvestite Show

Virat Ruayrin has 100 children. At least her family of transvestites and transexuals at Phuket's Simon Cabaret call her "mommy". Khun Virat has been training cross dressing entertainment business for 15 years. And she wouldn't want to do anything else.

"I understand these ladyboys. They feel more comfortable living as women. They love to dress up and entertain. They consider it an art of which they are very proud," she comments. "Many of my ladyboys have college degrees or have held important posts in the government but they feel more comfortable, more natural in this line of work."

Khun Virat has devoted her life to grooming and caring for her 100 "children". She lives with them, supervises their make-up, designs their costumes and gives them advice when they have trouble with their "husbands". She is also careful to explain that her "children" are professional performers unlike the numerous kateoys who are transvestite sex workers that are seen in Patong and Karon Beach beer bars.
Phuket Simon Cabaret opened in Phuket in 1991 and was an instant success, especially with Asians from neighboring countries where cross dressing is illegal. Each night, more than 1000 customers line up to see one of the most spectacular stage shows in Asia.

There are a minimum of two shows per night. The theater holds 250 VIP and 300 standard seats which are always full. There's a great view of the spectacular costumes and sets from every location.

The opening show has a Thai theme with grand temple ruins which remind the audience of the long history of the region. Graceful kinnarees, or mythical creatures that are part bird and part female move to traditional Thai dances.
Khun Virat has designed 21 different sets and shows which she rotates depending on her audience. For group tours from China, she presents her stunning Chinese themed temple act where elegant dancers float around stage in bright red and gold costumes.

As the majority of the audience comes from Asia, she has also included classical performances from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan in their native languages and costumes which further delights the audience.

An evening at Phuket Simon Cabaret turns any adult into a child full of wonder. In quick succession, shows themes change from Egyptian with dancers coming out of a 10 metre high head of a Pharoah, to the latest saucy, sexy Latin beat with a Gloria Estevan look-a-like lip-synching the action.

"We train every night for two hours after the shows. Sometimes we sit and watch the latest music videos and make notes on dance choreography or costumes," explains Khun Virat. "I fly to Hong Kong to research costumes and materials for the set designs. It's important that we create authentic costumes, sets and dances that are enhanced by staging and lighting."

An evening at Phuket Simon Cabaret is great fun. There are so many things to enjoy. First, the audience is amazed at how beautiful the performers are even know they have been warned that they are not really females. And then there's the variety of beautiful sets and costumes which compete with a Las Vegas show.

"Many people ask me if my "children" are really female. I tell them that about 80 per cent of my ladyboys have had the required surgery to turn them into women. They have every function except the ability to give birth. I find they are much happier once they've made the transformation into what they feel they really are," finishes Khun Virat.

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