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 phuket gardens: Tropical Garden in Phuket

 Tropical Garden of Phuket

An important part of the beauty of Phuket are the tropical gardens which grace almost every hotel and resort property. A drive around the island will pass countless landscaping and nursery centers where both local Thais and foreign residents spend hours deciding upon the right plants for their gardens.

But it was not always so in Thailand. Until just one hundred years ago, there were few planned gardens as people only grew a small vegetable and herb garden for private consumption. As sixty per cent of the country was covered in dense forests and jungles, the local peoples were more interested in clearing vegetation for agricultural land than landscaping the jungle into a place to relax. And due to the intense heat and monsoons, few people considered a stroll in the outdoors as a way to relax.

Gardens were also not popular as most Thais lived on waterways to avoid the tigers, snakes and other wildlife that lived in the jungles.

Even today when the forest and jungle regions have been reduced to less than twenty per cent of the country, most Thais avoid areas where there is dense vegetation for fear of cobras.

The first significant gardens in Thailand were combinations of Chinese landscapes mixed with English and French garden designs.

When the Thai King Rama V returned from visits to Europe at the end of the last century, he brought back a new Western architecture which included designs for gardens which were built in the Royal palaces.

Today's luscious gardens found at most resorts are combinations of plants that are native to many different regions of the world. For example, the common bougainvillea which colors the island with its bright flowers was brought from the Caribbean.

Phuket has trained landscape architects who are skillful with the art of combining tropical trees and foliage to maintain the visitor's expectation of a visit to paradise.

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